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Title: domesticity style by gyzym
Pairing: Troy/Abed

who remembers to buy the milk: Usually Shirley, shortly after she’s come to visit, looked in the fridge, raised an eyebrow, and made that face that means she’s trying really hard not to say, “This is not the way adults live.” Sometimes Jeff, after doing exactly the same thing except not bothering to resist the urge to say, “This is not the way adults live!!” Annie would, but she’s lactose intolerant.

who cooks normally: Troy makes the most hilariously high-concept food he can with the most hysterically antithetical ingredients available (this is based on canon — remember the Bagel Bites in a deconstructed Hot Pocket reduction with a Dorito glaze?) as part of a long running bit between him and Abed that started the night of the Andre dinner, when they dined and dashed at that fancy restaurant. They were watching Food Network later that night — for theme — and eating junk food, and Troy was like, “You know, that food is really pretty, and it’s weirdly fun to watch them cook, but is any of this ever going to taste better than Sour Patch Kids? Uh, no.” And Abed was like, “The entire structure of these shows is based on aesthetics and soothingly complex food vocabulary; you could achieve the same effect with almost any ingredients, because the actual recipe isn’t what it’s about.” And then somehow that became the two of them coming up with increasingly ridiculous parody recipe ideas, and then Abed was going to actually film a Cooking With Troy series, but they both lost interest when they realized how much money they’d have to spend making largely inedible food. The end result, however, is that Troy does experimental cooking in the style that show was going to be about, just sometimes, when the mood strikes him. Some of it actually turns out to be really good! And some of it gets thrown directly in the trash to the tune of Troy humming Daybreak while Abed makes them buttered noodles.

Reasons Why You Should Read It:

Really cute look at the domestic side of Troy and Abed's life. Not quite a fic, but still super cute.
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